German 2cm Flak38 Pzkpfw 38(t) Tristar 1/35

Tristar German 2 cm 38 (t) anti-aircraft tank was built. By the way, I have a 2cm antiaircraft figure so I tried to match it with this tank. It's a little tight. I remember that the 12th Panzer Division was a mark like Y, and I think it's strange, I thought the manual marking indication was wrong. It is not the 12th Panzer Division but the 12th SS Panzer Division. It's the Hitlerjugend Division.

British Tank Crew Miniart 1/35

Miniart British tank crew figures. The uniforms of British tanks change a lot depending on where they were active in North Africa or Western Europe. It includes soldiers in unusual uniforms like leather vests.

British Army Sherman V (M4A4) Asuka 1/35

Tasca, the current Asuka shaman kit. This marking is No.2 Squadron, 2nd Irish Guards, Guards Armored Division, August 1944 Cean Normandy. For the Sherman series, I used the T48 movable track belt released by the AFV Club. For some reason, the number of pieces was not enough.

Soviet Infantry in Action, 1941-1942 Master Box 1/35

It's Master Box's Soviet infantry figure. Some soldiers are in a striking pose. I've seen this pattern in other sets. I wonder if MasterBox likes to include a soldier who has been shot. I made my own small arms straps and added a little bit of work.

T-34/76 1942/43 Factory No.183 AFV Club 1/35

It's the AFV Club T-34/76 tank. Each factory has a slightly different shape, and the kit is "made in 183 factories." Waffle type track belt from MiniArt is used. When I purchased it, I mistakenly purchased an internal reproduction model of clear parts, so I make it normally.

US Check Point in Iraq Master Box 1/35

It is a Master Box figure set of U.S. infantry. The camouflage paint on the uniform is hard. Recent camouflage uniforms have adopted dot camouflage uniforms that are effective for both field and street fighting. It is difficult to reproduce that with a brush. It would have been more like that if I had drawn it more vertically and horizontally.

M-923 U.S. Armored Gun Truck Italeri 1/35

It's an Italeri military truck model, an M-923 armor gun truck. I changed the tire to Michelin. Gun trucks are transport trucks equipped with an armored cabin and carrier and armed with machine guns and grenade launchers. It seems that many of them were upgraded on the field.

Kitten Munchkin, Cats-Mold, Fungus, Getting Better

He is Munchkin Chai who has been treating cat mold since July and August. I was taking itraconazole every day until August. The symptoms have improved since September, so I reduced the medication to twice a week. He is getting better.

German Infantry Operation Typhoon 1941 Dragon 1/35

These are Dragon's figures of the German soldiers who have been in the first year of the German-Soviet war. For the first year, they might have been underestimating the winter in Russia, but it is famous that they had a hard time because they did not have very full-fledged winter equipment.

Kingtiger Henschel Turret German Heavy Tank Meng Model 1/35

MENG MODEL King Tiger. It was possible to correct the distortion of the sus-arm by devising the assembly process. I appreciate that it was released at a reasonable price. Handling the Zimmerit Coating decal was a unique task.
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