B1bis French Heavy Tank Tamiya 1/35

I enjoy making Tamiya's B1bis. The assembling of the track is especially interesting. I decided on this tank Marking "Bourrasque" tank number 257, 2nd Section, 1st Company, 15th Combat Tank Battalion, 2nd Armored Division in France 1940.

BT-5 Soviet Light Tank Zvezda 1/35

It was very difficult to make the BT-5 of Zvezda. This is one of the reasons why I have been away from Eastern Europe kits for a while. Regardless of the result, I had a sense of accomplishment when it was completed with effort.

Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf J German Medium Tank Dragon 1/35

This Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf J is a Dragon Smart Kit series, so the number of parts is rather small. It was easy to make. The marking is the 18th Armored Division in 1942. It was a tank that played an active role in the Eastern Front.

Canadair Sabre MK.5 F-86 Royal Canadian Air Force Hasegawa 1/48

Can I call it a Canadian F-86? The marking is Canadian Air force 416th Air squadron at Carte Blanche in June 1955. This tactical exercise was operated by NATO in Europe, 3,000 aircraft were on campaign. The decal was not printed correctly and there were some problems, but it was finished.

Marder III Pak(R) German Tank Destroyer Tamiya 1/35

German anti-tank self-propelled artillery. The Mader III 7.62 cm Pak 36 is an anti-tank gun that is designed with an emphasis on destructive power. At the beginning of the German-Soviet war, the German army encountered a strong Soviet tank and developed it in haste. Movable track of Modelkasten is used.

T-34/85 Bedspring Armor Soviet Medium Tank Dragon 1/35

It's a Dragon's Soviet T-34/85 tank. At the end of World War II, the tank was equipped with wire netting around the sides and the top of the tank to avoid the German Panzer Faust. I used winter camouflage this time.

Type90 Tank with Mine Roller JGSDF Tamiya 1/35

This set of Type 90 tank and mine roller is a kit with a volume. The marking is Hokkaido 7th Division 71th Tank Regiment 5th Company. I think the paint of the roller has quite a nice texture.

Lockheed F-104C Starfighter U.S. Air Force Hasegawa 1/48

I built the Hasegawa F-104C Starfighter. On the way, the color of the main wing was wrong, and scratches were noticeable with silver paint. It is 1/48 scale and has volume and a unique shape. I enjoyed it.

Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf D German Medium Tank Tristar 1/35

It's Tristar Panzerkampfwagen IV. Come to think of it, there was a lot of controversy about the fender mold. This IV tank type D is a very good kit even though the parts are small. I'm still not used to assembling connected tracks, so I often make mistakes.

Republic P-47M Thunderbolt U.S. Army Air Force Tamiya 1/48

This is the building note of the Tamiya Republic P-47M Thunderbolt. I am quite a beginner, but I managed to complete the plastic model of the airplane. It's hard to mask planes.
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