F-100F Super Sabre U.S. Air Force Fighter Trumpeter 1/48

It is a Trumpeter F-100F Super Sabre. 1/48 scale is quite big and worth painting. Marking is the 48th Tactical Fighter Wing at RAF Lakenheath's airbase in 1960. It's a base of the British Air Force, but only the 48th air wing of the U.S. Air Force was stationed.

BM-21 Grad Late Type Russian Multiple Rocket Launcher Trumpeter 1/35

I built the Trumpeter BM-21 Grad self-propelled multiple launch rocket. Truck plastic models are also quite interesting. Once the driver's compartment is assembled, it is necessary to paint the inside. The orange light and the Russian flag on the door serve as accents.

KV-2 Soviet Heavy Tank Trumpeter 1/35

This is a Trumpeter KV-2 tank. It is rare to find a kit that is as good as the KV series of Trumpeter at a reasonable price. I like the brutal feeling of heavy tanks. I made a tank soldier of Tristar together.

KV-1 Ehkranami Spaced Armor Soviet Heavy Tank Trumpeter 1/35

It is a type of tank with increased armor of KV-1. It is a kit of a Trumpeter. This series is good because it is reasonably priced and has various contents. Slogans were handwritten without decals.

Stridsvagn 103C Swedish Main Battle Tank Trumpeter 1/35

It is a kit of TrumpeterStridsvagn 103C. I was very interested in the shape of the near future since it appeared. The camouflage paint has a linear pattern, which is rare for a tank model, and the color boundaries are sharp. I think freehand paint works.

LAV-AD USMC Light Armored Vehicle Air Defense Trumpeter 1/35

The Trumpeter LAV-AD self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle was built. This is the AFV used by the US Marine Corps. Equipped with a Stinger anti-aircraft missile and rocket launcher, and a 25 mm 5 barrel Gatling gun.

KV-2 German Captured Type Soviet Heavy Tank Trumpeter 1/35

KV-2 Tank Gigant, Trumpeter kit. I painted it with an elephant-like camouflage on the assumption that it was captured by the German army. This kind of flat and large surface with the epoxy putty Zimmerit Coating is fun.

KV-1 model 1941 Soviet Heavy Tank Trumpeter 1/35

I built a trumpeter, KV-1. It is released at a low price and there are few parts for a model tank, so I think it is relatively easy for beginners to assemble. In this case, I tried applying heavy mud on the roller and the track.
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