Battleship Musashi Fune-Next Fujimi 1/700

I think this kit's been talked about a lot before. I started making Fujimi's Next Series battleship Musashi. While I w...

North American RAF Mustang III Tamiya 1/48

Come to think of it, I've made a few Mustang fighters on 1/144, but this is my first time on 1/48. I wanted to make it...

Destroyer Ayanami 1941 Imperial Japanese Navy Yamashita Hobby 1/700

The shape of this destroyer Ayanami is beautiful. I made Yamashita Hobby's destroyer kit. The destroyer had no Chrysanthemum emblem on it, but I think its work is nothing but fighting spirit. I pray for the souls of the fallen heroes who were defending Japan.

Su-30MK Flanker Academy 1/48

It is a large-sized kit, the Academy's Su-30. It was developed based on the Su-27UB, which was a trainer and fighter. It is equipped with a powerful radar as an air defense fighter. In addition, it has expanded its function as a fighter-bomber.

U.S. Army Female Soldier Figures Medic and Nurse 1/35

I painted some US female soldier figures. I mainly used Tamiya acrylic and Vallejo for uniforms and oil color for face and hair.

US Army Water Tank Truck Italeri 1/35

I built the Italeri US Army water tank truck. It is an old kit, but I managed to complete it. It's been about a year since I started. It is one of the logistic support vehicles that support the U.S. Army. It is an indispensable vehicle for ground troops.

Jagdpanther Ausf.G1 Sd.Kfz.173 Meng Model 1/35 (add more weathering)

My previous Meng Jagdpanther paint was monotonous, so I added a little more weathering. I also picked up a tank crew.

M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight Asuka 1/35

Asuka's Sherman Easy Eight. The marking this time is the 8th Armored Division, deployed in Kirchhellen, Germany in March 1945. This time, I wanted to mark the front with a star inside the circle, so I chose this marking in this kit.

WWII Rommel & Staff Deutsches Afrikakorps North Africa 1942 Dragon 1/35

It is a Dragon figure set of Marshal Rommel and his staff. There are two generals wearing coats, including Marshal Rommel. The figures this time have almost no weapons. It is a kit that looks at a map, looks at binoculars, and makes plans at the site.

German Tiger I Initial Production Afrika Tamiya 1/35

Tamiya's Tiger I tank is an early type deployed in North Africa. I used a few etched parts of the Passion Models and using the AFV Club connection track. The markings are No. 501 Heavy Tank Battalion 1st Company No. 131, tank in Tunisia in 1942.

German Flakpanzer Gepard A1/A2 Meng Model 1/35

I made a Gepard self-propelled antiaircraft gun of MENG. It is my first production of a Bundeswehr vehicle. Marking is Westerwald Caravanguard, 2nd Regiment 2nd Armored Anti-Air Battalion, Bundeswehr, 1989.
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