German 8-Wheel Armored Vehicle Sd.Kfz.234/3 7.5 cm Stummel Dragon 1/35

It's rare to make a Dragon kit these days. Is Dragon's AFV still in distribution now? I think the price has gone up a lot. This time, I'm trying to make a German Army eight-wheeled armored vehicle.

German Tank Hunters Dragon 1/35

It is a German anti-tank soldier of different variations. Now, drones can attack remotely, but until a while ago, they had to be very close to each other to be able to destroy AFVs.

Jagdtiger Takom 1/35

Now I'm going to make Jagdtiger from Takom. I think Tamiya released the early version, so let's make it later this time. But I don't really understand the difference.

USAF F-16A Fighting Falcon Hasegawa 1/48

Hasegawa's F-16A Fighting Falcon kit. The other day, I was looking for Playstation 2 software and dug it together from the back of the closet. I found it with the Tamiya German Hs 123 I made the other day. This is a little too old. When did I buy this?

Luftwaffe Striker Henschel Hs123 A-1 Tamiya 1/48

I will try to build Tamiya's Luftwaffe ground attack aircraft, Hs123. I thought it was Tamiya original, but it was originally an Italeri kit. It seems to take a lot of work with a biplane, but the number of parts itself is not so much.

US Navy Fighter F-5N Tiger II VFC-111 Sundowners AFV Club 1/48

This time, I will try to make an airplane plastic model of AFV Club for the first time. It's a US Navy F-5N fighter.

US Army M4 High Speed Tractor Hobby Boss 1/35

This time it's an Allied vehicle. It is a towing vehicle developed for the purpose of improving the power of Artillery of the U.S. Army.

Sd.Kfz.251/22 Ausf.D Pakwagen Anti-Tank Half-Track AFV Club 1/35

This time, I will try to build a German half track Pakwagen from AFV Club. It was a half-track vehicle used in Germany during World War II and is commonly known as the Pakwagen. The vehicle was a variation of an armored personnel carrier with an anti-tank 75 mm PaK 40 anti-tank gun.

US Navy General Purpose Helicopter HSS-1N Monochrome Trumpeter 1/48

I was inspired to make a plastic model of a helicopter for the first time in a long time, so I picked up a Monochrome US military helicopter that I bought a long time ago.