British Army Land Rover WMIK Milan ATGM type Hobby Boss 1/35

I will try to build a Land Rover military vehicle from Hobby Boss. WMIK stands for Weapons Mount Installation Kit, whi...

Large Flying Boat Kawanishi Type 2 Mk.12. “Emily” Imperial Japanese Navy Arii 1/144

After a long time, I intend to build a 1/144-scale airplane plastic model. It's Arii's type-two large flying boat so i...

Soviet Air Force MiG-21F-13 Fishbed Trumpeter 1/48

I will try to assemble the MiG-21F fishbed. This time, the Trumpeter's a slightly older kit. I thought it would be eas...

BMPT “Terminator” Russian Fire Support Combat Vehicle Meng Model 1/35

I will try to make a Russian military fire support vehicle, Terminator. I was wondering what the official name is, but...

Aircraft Carrier Taiho 1944 Imperial Japanese Navy Fujimi 1/700

It's been a while since I built a warship of the Japanese Imperial Navy. This aircraft carrier, Taiho, was in a Fujimi...

A Plastic Model Spray Booth, self-made, only Ventilator Duct Connected

I spend all my free time playing PC games these days, so I redesigned the spray booth. I chose Panasonic's FY-17CD8V c...

German Half-track Riders Dragon 1/35

I will try making this kit of half-track riders because I probably won't make it anymore unless it's at this time. Thi...

German Sd. Kfz. 7 8t Half-Track Early Type Trumpeter 1/35

It's quite an old kit, but I'm thinking of building a German army 8t half-track. Is it out of product yet? However, I ...

US Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams Tusk I/Tusk II SEP Meng Model 1/35

When I finished making it, I was surprised at how many parts I had since I started assembling the turret. Also, it was hard because the difficulty level of the track was quite high. Abrams is released by various manufacturers, but the MENG kit is one of the final products. I think it's a very good kit.

Messerschmitt Bf110E Eduard 1/48

To be honest, this building was difficult. I thought about giving it up because it didn't have any parts, but anyway, I'm glad that it has a shape. The best feature of the Bf110 fighter is that it is heavily armed with 2x20 mm machine guns at the nose, 4x7.92 mm machine guns and 1x7.92 mm machine gun at the rear. There is also a pile of spare ammunition in the cockpit.

Pak40(L46) 7.5cm Anti-Tank Gun Tamiya 1/35

The German 75 mm anti-tank gun was completed. Just in case, I painted the 3 figures that came with it. When the war between Germany and the Soviet Union started, they faced heavily armored Soviet army tanks, so the firepower of this class became essential.
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