The Generals of WWII era Master Box 1/35

Many Master Box figures have very good molds. I think this kit has a lot of energy, especially because it collects famous World War II generals. It's a valuable kit.

Modern UK Infantrymen, present day. Master Box 1/35

About eight years ago, I bought a plastic model figure of modern British infantry. A British infantry figure during the Afghan war had been released from Masterbox. And since there was no way to use this except for a military Land Rover, I bought the Hobby Boss Land Rover kit as an afterthought.

British Troops, Caen, 1944 Master Box 1/35

It is a British command unit soldier figure of Master Box. It is a kit from a long time ago. The atmosphere is different from the recent Master Box. British Special Forces have been active in the invasion of Normandy, trying to destroy the gun battery on the cliff.

Pin-Up Girls Master Box 1/35

A surprising kit is available from Master Box. Pin-up girls, sexy beauties annoy your heart. For now, there are six model-shaped ladies wearing gorgeous and sexy costumes. Please read it at your own risk.

French Soldier and Bicycle WWII Era Masterbox 1/35

It is a French infantry and military bicycle of Master Box. It has spokes of etched parts, so it can be made quite realistically. It is a difficult but interesting kit. The uniform is called the M1932 overcoat, and he wears leggings and a helmet.

Soviet Infantry in Action, 1941-1942 Master Box 1/35

It's Master Box's Soviet infantry figure. Some soldiers are in a striking pose. I've seen this pattern in other sets. I wonder if MasterBox likes to include a soldier who has been shot. I made my own small arms straps and added a little bit of work.

US Check Point in Iraq Master Box 1/35

It is a Master Box figure set of U.S. infantry. The camouflage paint on the uniform is hard. Recent camouflage uniforms have adopted dot camouflage uniforms that are effective for both field and street fighting. It is difficult to reproduce that with a brush. It would have been more like that if I had drawn it more vertically and horizontally.

US Marines In Jungle Master Box 1/35

Master Box US Marine figure. Are they fighting on a remote island in the South Sea at WWII? It is a figure in a natural walking pose while patrolling, and some soldiers have large radios on their backs.

British Infantry Somme Battle 1916 WWI Master Box 1/35

They are British infantry soldiers from the First World War that have been released from MasterBox. I would like to appreciate the company's attitude to release such figures without hesitation. I don't know much about military uniforms in this period, but I enjoyed making it.
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