M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight Asuka 1/35

Asuka's Sherman Easy Eight. The marking this time is the 8th Armored Division, deployed in Kirchhellen, Germany in March 1945. This time, I wanted to mark the front with a star inside the circle, so I chose this marking in this kit.

British Army Sherman V (M4A4) Asuka 1/35

Tasca, the current Asuka shaman kit. This marking is No.2 Squadron, 2nd Irish Guards, Guards Armored Division, August 1944 Cean Normandy. For the Sherman series, I used the T48 movable track belt released by the AFV Club. For some reason, the number of pieces was not enough.

British Sherman VC Firefly Tasca 1/35

It is Tasca's Firefly. The vehicle body of this kit is very similar to a real one, which has been long-awaited by Sherman tank fans. I load various loads and change the head of the tank commander to resin.
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