Messerschmitt Bf110E Eduard 1/48

To be honest, this building was difficult. I thought about giving it up because it didn't have any parts, but anyway, I'm glad that it has a shape. The best feature of the Bf110 fighter is that it is heavily armed with 2x20 mm machine guns at the nose, 4x7.92 mm machine guns and 1x7.92 mm machine gun at the rear. There is also a pile of spare ammunition in the cockpit.

Hellcat F6F-5 Early Type Eduard 1/48

This is a Hellcat from the Profipack series that has a lot of Eduard's etched parts. Marking is 'Minsi III'. This Eduard explanation said the following. David Mccampbell commanded Carrier Air Group 15 and was the most successful fighter pilot in the US Navy.

Yak-3 Soviet Air Force Fighter Eduard 1/48

It is Eduard's Yak-3. The orange Profi-Pack has colored etched parts so it feels a little richer than normal modeling. It's a relatively small body.

Polikarpov I-16 Type 10 Russian Air Force Fighter Eduard 1/48

It's an Eduardo Polykarpov I -16 fighter kit. Comes with a cockpit panel and seat belt parts for detailed details. The Marking is the Generalmajor Ivan A. Lakeev, Hero of the Soviet Union, 1941. The Eduard instruction comments "This aircraft was based with 46th IAP at Vasilkov airfield. Note that this was a VIP aircraft, very carefully maintained, kept clean and polished, in perfect condition. It will be a disappointment to heavy weathering lovers, so be careful with pre-shading and other weathering tricks."

Dassault Mirage IIIc French Air Force Fighter Eduard 1/48

I built Eduard Mirage IIIc. The marking is the 10th Airwing 2nd Fighter Squadron "Seine" in April 1976, it's the beautiful red line accent on the metal plates. In this kit, the mold of the parts is sharp and the rear end of the main wing is quite thin and well made. I was surprised to see a standing pilot figure.