US Navy Fighter F-5N Tiger II VFC-111 Sundowners AFV Club 1/48

This time, I will try to make an airplane plastic model of AFV Club for the first time. It's a US Navy F-5N fighter.

Sd.Kfz.251/22 Ausf.D Pakwagen Anti-Tank Half-Track AFV Club 1/35

This time, I will try to build a German half track Pakwagen from AFV Club. It was a half-track vehicle used in Germany during World War II and is commonly known as the Pakwagen. The vehicle was a variation of an armored personnel carrier with an anti-tank 75 mm PaK 40 anti-tank gun.

German Pak40 75mm Anti-Tank Gun AFV Club 1/35

I will try to make a German anti-tank gun this time. It has a metal barrel, a thin shield, and a few etched parts. Compared to the previous Tamiya anti-tank gun, it seems to have many parts and finer details. That's so accurate and reproducible. I am glad the anti-tank guns and figures I had been piling up for many years were completed.

IDF Sho’t Kal Dalet with Battering Ram AFV Club 1/35

AFV Club Israel Defense Forces Sho't Kal D Dalet. The main guns, engines, transmissions, and fire control equipment (FCS) of the British Centurion tanks have been converted to suit the performance of the Israeli homeland defense. It seems completely different from the original.

M5A1 Stuart U.S. Army 3Rd Armored Div. AFV Club 1/35

It is an AFV Club M5A1 Stuart light tank. I also tried using the connecting track of the AFV Club. The belt type is enough, but I think the details are finer in the connecting track.

Sd.Kfz.251/9 Ausf.D Kanonenwagen AFV Club 1/35

I build the German half-track, Sd. Kfz. 251/9, Kanonenwagen. There are quite a few variants of the 251 half-tracks, and the Kanonenwagen is equipped with a short-barrel 75 mm gun. The marking is the Wehrmacht 20th Armoured Division, Eastern Front in the summer of 1944. The division mark is imitating the breakthrough enemy lines.

T-34/76 1942/43 Factory No.183 AFV Club 1/35

It's the AFV Club T-34/76 tank. Each factory has a slightly different shape, and the kit is "made in 183 factories." Waffle type track belt from MiniArt is used. When I purchased it, I mistakenly purchased an internal reproduction model of clear parts, so I make it normally.

Sturmtiger 38cm German Self Propelled Heavy Assault Gun AFV Club 1/35

This is an AFV Club Sturmtiger. I also used an AFV Club connecting track, a later-stage model for the Tiger I. I think it's more realistic than the belt type. The painting was the 1001 Panzersturm Company in 1945 at the Western Front. I think that it is probably near Bonn. There is no decal in this kit. I attached the national marks, personal preference.

Shot Kal 1973 Centurion Israeli Main Battle Tank AFV Club 1/35

This is the AFV Club Shot Kal Centurion. Based on the British Centurion, Israel replaced the 20-pound gun with a 105mm gun and converted the engine from a Rolls-Royce gasoline engine to an American diesel engine.