M5A1 Stuart U.S. Army 3Rd Armored Div. AFV Club 1/35

It is an AFV Club M5A1 Stuart light tank. I also tried using the connecting track of the AFV Club. The belt type is enough, but I think the details are finer in the connecting track.

Sd.Kfz.251/9 Ausf.D Kanonenwagen AFV Club 1/35

I build the German half-track, Sd. Kfz. 251/9, Kanonenwagen. There are quite a few variants of the 251 half-tracks, and the Kanonenwagen is equipped with a short-barrel 75 mm gun. The marking is the Wehrmacht 20th Armoured Division, Eastern Front in the summer of 1944. The division mark is imitating the breakthrough enemy lines.

T-34/76 1942/43 Factory No.183 AFV Club 1/35

It's the AFV Club T-34/76 tank. Each factory has a slightly different shape, and the kit is "made in 183 factories." Waffle type track belt from MiniArt is used. When I purchased it, I mistakenly purchased an internal reproduction model of clear parts, so I make it normally.

Sturmtiger 38cm German Self Propelled Heavy Assault Gun AFV Club 1/35

This is an AFV Club Sturmtiger. I also used an AFV Club connecting track, a later-stage model for the Tiger I. I think it's more realistic than the belt type. The painting was the 1001 Panzersturm Company in 1945 at the Western Front. I think that it is probably near Bonn. There is no decal in this kit. I attached the national marks, personal preference.

Shot Kal 1973 Centurion Israeli Main Battle Tank AFV Club 1/35

This is the AFV Club Shot Kal Centurion. Based on the British Centurion, Israel replaced the 20-pound gun with a 105mm gun and converted the engine from a Rolls-Royce gasoline engine to an American diesel engine.

Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf.D Schützenpanzer German Half-Track AFV Club 1/35

It is a standard 251 half-track of AFV Club. The marking was the vehicle of the 2nd-SS Panzer Division "Das Reich". By the way, Das Reich is German meaning "nation". It was a vehicle around July 1944. In February 1944 Das Reich Division was reorganized and supplemented and it was transferred to the direction of Normandy from the Eastern Front.

Stryker M1128 U.S. Army Mobile Gun System MGS AFV Club 1/35

It is a Stryker M1128. This is an AFV club kit. This manufacturer's Stryker series has a little more parts, but it's easy to assemble. I liked the color of the AFV, but the way of weathering was not so good. It might be better not to get too dirty with Modern AFV.

TIGER-I Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf.E Latest Type German Heavy Tank AFV Club 1/35

It's the AFV Club kit of the latest type of Tiger I. Epoxy putty and rollers are applied with a Zimmerit Coating. I used the AFV Club workable track. The marking is Waffen SS 101st Heavy Panzer Battalion in Cean France in 1944. It is around the time of a famous fight, the Battle of Villers-Bocage.

M5A1 Stuart U.S. Army Light Tank AFV Club 1/35

It is an AFV Club M5A1 Stuart light tank. This tank was one of the 24th Armored Regiment, 1st Armored Division in Belgium, 1944. Hedgerow cutters were installed to break through the hedge, and the track was replaced with a connecting type which is sold separately.

German Anti-Aircraft Gun 8.8cm FLAK18 AFV Club 1/35

I matched the Dragon Artillery Figure to the 8.8 cm German Artillery of the AFV Club. I also tried to paint the anti-aircraft gun with winter camouflage to match the figure's winter equipment. It looks like white was painted on top of gray and partially peeled off.

U.S. Army 105mm Howitzer M2A1 AFV Club 1/35

It's a plastic model of a US military howitzer from the AFV Club. It is made luxuriously with a metal gun barrel. There are some etched parts, but the AFV club kit has small plastic parts and high accuracy. As expected, it is a manufacturer with a reputation for cannon kits.
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