F-15E Strike Eagle Revell 1/48

I built the Revell F-15E Strike Eagle. I built the F-15E Strike Eagle which is 1/48 scale of the level. This is said to be the best kit in F-15E. I like it because it is easy to make, the parts match well and the mold is precise. Marking is the335th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Chiefs" 4th Fighter Wing. It's during the Desert Storm mission in the Gulf War of February 1991.

Suchoj S-37 (Su-47) Berkut Russian Air Force Fighter Revell 1/144

It's Revell Suchoj S-37. The basic color of the aircraft is 80% matte black and 20% blue. Hmm, is this the unique blackish color of the airplane? When I actually paint it, I can't really distinguish the color. If you look closely, it looks bluish.

Republic P-47N Thunderbolt U.S. Army Air Force Fighter Revell 1/48

It is a Revell P-47N Thunderbolt. The marking is 318th Fighter Group, 19th Fighter Squadron at Ie Shima, Okinawa JAPAN, May 1945. There was a bit of burr and the gate was thick, but it was not so difficult if it was carefully assembled. But honestly, it is more difficult than Tamiya Hasegawa. The decal is very beautiful and of good quality.

F-14A Black Tomcat U.S. Navy Carrier-Based Fighter Revell 1/144

I think Revell's newer 1/144 F-14A kit is very good. Although it is a mini scale, it is very delicate and the decal is also fine. This is "Vandy One", Air Test and Evaluation Squadron VX-4, NAS Pt Mugu, California, USA, 1991.
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