Suchoj Su-17/22M4 Fitter Fighter-Bomber Smer 1/48

This is Smer's Su-17 fitter. The marking of this Su-17, which was deployed in the Far East in 1988, the Soviet Air Force No. 302 Fighting Bomber Regiment. The longest item in the middle is the KKR-1T Soviet reconnaissance pod, it has a normal camera and panoramic camera, night photography camera. On the other side of the silver missile pod is the ECM pod, SPS-141 Electronic Countermeasure system, Jammer.

Suchoj Su-7 BKL Fitter A Polish Fighter-Bomber Smer 1/48

It is an Eastern European kit called Smer. This fitter's mold seems to be quite old, so it was hard to make it. My goal changed from "Let's make it beautiful" to "Let's complete it." It was really good that it was completed.
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