German Tiger I Initial Production Afrika Tamiya 1/35

Tamiya's Tiger I tank is an early type deployed in North Africa. I used a few etched parts of the Passion Models and using the AFV Club connection track. The markings are No. 501 Heavy Tank Battalion 1st Company No. 131, tank in Tunisia in 1942.

U.S. Tank Crew Set European Theater Tamiya 1/35

This is Tamiya's new U.S. tank crew set. With the 3D scanning, the mold is also good. If I'm allowed to wish, there aren't many poses that fit the hatch of the turret. But it is good because there are many unique figures.

Valentine Mk.II/IV British Infantry Tank Tamiya 1/35

It is the Valentine British infantry tank of Tamiya. It was a part of a partially connected caterpillar. Two figures are attached and they are uniforms for North Africa. It is a little disappointing that there are not many kinds of decals.

Heinkel He219 A-7 UHU Tamiya 1/48

Tamiya's He219A-7 UHU kit was released more than 20 years ago, but it has a reputation of being fairly good-quality, so even now no other company has released the same scale model. The marking is1st NJG1, 1st Company of the 1st Night Fighter Squadron, May 1945 Germany. It was an airplane in May 1945. It's almost the end of the war.

Jeep Willys MB 1/4-Ton 4X4 Truck Tamiya 1/35

Tamiya's Willys MB made a U.S. military jeep. It's small but precise and easy to assemble. The marking is the 7th Armored Division "Lucky Sevens" No. 814 Tank Destroyer Battalion and Reconnaissance Company, Car number 22, in Belgium in January 1945.

Somua S35 Tamiya 1/35

It is Tamiya's Somure S35, French middle tank. The marking is tank number 56 of the 18th Dragoon Regiment. For the first time in a while, all the basic painting was done by brushing. Vallejo was easier to apply, but Tamiya acrylic was enough for a narrow area.

Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf.N German Medium Tank Tamiya 1/35

I made Tamiya Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf.N. I used the AFV Club's Panzerkampfwagen III, the latter-stage caterpillar. Type III can be used from J type, and type IV can be used from G type to H type. Nursehorn and Hummel had much of this caterpillar. Marking was chosen from Leningrad, Kursk, North Africa. This tank was in 1943, North Africa, the 8th Panzer Regiment, 15th Armored Division in Tunisia.

WWII Japanese Army Infantry Tamiya 1/35

It is a fairly old kit of Tamiya. The Japanese Army infantry set. A hat with a sunshade is characteristic of Japanese soldiers. Soldiers with Type 89 grenade launchers have 2 ammunition bags that can hold 4 bullets around their hips. The diameter is 50 mm and the weight is 4.7 kg. It's a rare weapon.

KV-1 Type-C Russian Heavy Tank Tamiya 1/35

This is the old kit of Tamiya's KV-1 heavy tank. I used this because I had a leftover belt-style Trumpeter. Adhesion is possible with plastic adhesives, so subtle looseness of track can be expressed only by adhesion. This time, the metal wire is stuck to the chassis to loosen the track.

WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Fighter Pilot Tamiya 1/16

It's Tamiya's Zero fighter pilot figure. The 1/16 scale is much larger than the 1/35 that I usually make. standing in flight suits and life jackets. Of course, the mold of the face was very good, and the military sword was unexpectedly cool.

3.7cm FLAK37 Sd.Kfz7/2 Armored Cab Type German 8-ton Half-Track Tamiya 1/35

This is a Tamiya kit of FLAK37 German 8-ton Half-Track. I tried to use a similar kit of Tamiya before and failed to install a Modelkasten track set, so this time it is revenge. I could choose the marking two types, Gross-Deutschland Armored Grenadier Division, and Herman Gering 2nd Battalion. I chose Gross-Deutschland.
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