U.S. Air Force T-33A Shooting Star Academy 1/48

This time it's the Academy's T-33A shooting star. The Cartograf decals look high quality, and the instrument panel details look good. The reproduction of the landing gear compartment is also relatively good for an old kit.

Su-30MK Flanker Academy 1/48

It is a large-sized kit, the Academy's Su-30. It was developed based on the Su-27UB, which was a trainer and fighter. It is equipped with a powerful radar as an air defense fighter. In addition, it has expanded its function as a fighter-bomber.

TBM-3 Avenger USS Bunker Hill US Navy Bomber Academy 1/48

The TBM-3 kit is in the Academy's box and is actually an Accurate Miniature kit. Decal is made of high-quality Cartograf, so I bought it a long time ago. On the way, my cat took the canopy and broke it. I had a hard time. But I managed to complete it.

Mig-21MF Fishbed J Soviet Air Force Academy 1/48

This is Academy's MiG-21MF. This time I chose light brown and dark brown camouflage. I think it is camouflage paint that is often seen in desert areas in the south such as Afghanistan and the Middle East. The weapon of this MiG-21 is one large drop tank in the middle and equipped with Atoll missiles K-13 and K- 13A on both sides.

MiG-29 UB Ласточка Fulcrum B Russian Air Force Academy 1/48

I built an Academy Fulcrum, MiG-29B. The armament of this fighter, R-27 long-distance air-to-air missiles NATO Codename AA-10 Alamo, R-73 short-range air-to-air missiles NATO Codename AA-11 Archer, R-60MK infrared tracking type short-range air-to-air missile, NATO Codename AA-8 Aphid.

Corsair F4U-1A U.S. Navy Carrier-Based Fighter Academy 1/48

This is Academy's Corsair F4U-1A U.S. Navy Carrier-Based Fighter. The marking is Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, VF-17 17th Fighter Squadron Jolly Rogers in February 1944. After that, it is a traditional marking that is handed over to the US Navy's 61st Fighter Squadron (VF-61), 84th Fighter Squadron (VF-84), 103rd Squadron (VF-103).

MiG-21MF Polish Air Force Academy 1/48

It's the Academy's MiG-21 of the Polish Air Force. This time, I used too much softener to make a large marlin decal look terrible. I think the marking itself is a special marking of the 3rd tactical flight team of the Polish Air Force.

Lavochkin La-7 Soviet Fighter Academy 1/48

It's Lavochkin La-7 Soviet Fighter, Academy's kit. Marking is the ace pilot of the 156 fighter regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Sergei F. Dolgushin No.93. The manual has a 165 fighter regiment, but probably it's a misprint. The color of the aircraft is quite plain. The tail marking serves as an accent.

Tomahawk IIb (P-40C) Royal Air Force Fighter Academy 1/48

The Academy's Tomahawk is a British fighter. The fitting of the parts was not bad. The number of parts was small and the shape was relatively easy, and the decal of the Cartograf was beautiful and easy to stick. A marking is RAF 112th flying squadron Tomahawk Mk. IIb AK 578 GA-V Neville Duke pilot airplane in January - February 1942 in Egypt.
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