German Mine Clearing Vehicle VsKfz 617 Alkett Minenroller Meng Model 1/35

The VsKfz 617, heavy Mine Clearing Vehicle, is complete. It is a mine disposal vehicle that can neutralize landmines by crushing them under its weight. Only one prototype was manufactured in 1942. Even today, the actual vehicle is preserved in the Kubinka Museum in Russia. I'm curious how the Russian Army captured them.

BMPT “Terminator” Russian Fire Support Combat Vehicle Meng Model 1/35

I will try to make a Russian military fire support vehicle, Terminator. I was wondering what the official name is, but it doesn't make sense. According to the Wiki, BMP-T is better for the original notation. It's with Boyevaya Mashina Podderzhki Tankov and a Tank Support Fighting Vehicle in English. The chassis looks like a T-90 at first glance. The turret has a very unusual shape.

US Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams Tusk I/Tusk II SEP Meng Model 1/35

When I finished making it, I was surprised at how many parts I had since I started assembling the turret. Also, it was hard because the difficulty level of the track was quite high. Abrams is released by various manufacturers, but the MENG kit is one of the final products. I think it's a very good kit.

Jagdpanther Ausf.G1 Sd.Kfz.173 Meng Model 1/35 (add more weathering)

My previous Meng Jagdpanther paint was monotonous, so I added a little more weathering. I also picked up a tank crew.

German Flakpanzer Gepard A1/A2 Meng Model 1/35

I made a Gepard self-propelled antiaircraft gun of MENG. It is my first production of a Bundeswehr vehicle. Marking is Westerwald Caravanguard, 2nd Regiment 2nd Armored Anti-Air Battalion, Bundeswehr, 1989.

Jagdpanther Ausf.G1 Sd.Kfz.173 Meng Model 1/35

The Jagdpanther is completed. The chassis was taken from the Panther tank. The main gun is equipped with a 71 caliber 88 mm gun, so it is heavily armed like the King Tiger heavy tank. MENG Jagdpanther kit is good overall, so I didn't think much about it and just moved my hands. The selection of parts is a little troublesome, maybe it is an excellent point of this kit.

Panther Ausf.D Sd.Kfz.171 Meng Model 1/35

I made a Meng Model Panther. ​This tank marking is the 11th Armored Division 10th Armored Brigade 39th Tank Regiment 52th Battalion 6th Company 3rd Platoon. It is rare for a snorkel to be set upright.

Kingtiger Henschel Turret German Heavy Tank Meng Model 1/35

MENG MODEL King Tiger. It was possible to correct the distortion of the sus-arm by devising the assembly process. I appreciate that it was released at a reasonable price. Handling the Zimmerit Coating decal was a unique task.

Tortoise A39 British Heavy Assault Tank Meng Model 1/35

It is a Tortoise heavy assault tank of MENG. It took a long time to assemble the footwear of the chassis like a heavy tank. It was the end of the war and they had no chance to play an active role before they were sent to the front. I heard that only 6 were produced.