Totenkopf Division Budapest 1945 Dragon 1/35

This time I will try to make a figure of Totenkopf Division of the German Army at the end of World War II. Totenkopf Division is the 3rd SS Armored Division. What's premium about the premium edition?

German Panzer-Regiment 7, 10th Panzer Division Smolensk 1941 Dragon 1/35

All three tank crews are dressed for all but midwinter or early summer. General Guderian wears a coat. Dragon model figures are a bit large, and I have a lot of trouble matching them with the vehicle.

German Half-track Riders Dragon 1/35

I will try making this kit of half-track riders because I probably won't make it anymore unless it's at this time. This is also an ancient kit released in 2011. The Dragon seems to have hardly been reproduced recently, so that it may be quite a valuable kit.

WWII Rommel & Staff Deutsches Afrikakorps North Africa 1942 Dragon 1/35

It is a Dragon figure set of Marshal Rommel and his staff. There are two generals wearing coats, including Marshal Rommel. The figures this time have almost no weapons. It is a kit that looks at a map, looks at binoculars, and makes plans at the site.

British 8th Army Infantry El Alamein 1942 Dragon 1/35

This is a Dragon four infantry figures of the British 8th Army in the Battle of North Africa. Is that an old kit? For that reason, it is good for equipment molding. Everyone wears short sleeves and short pants, and their skin is exposed a lot, so there are many skin-colored paints.

Sherman Tank M4A2 (76) Red Army Dragon 1/35

Dragon Sherman Tank. It is a tank of the Red Army. It is the so-called Sherman M4A2 tank marked by the Soviet Union in the German-Soviet war. This marking is the 2nd Guards Tank Army, Berlin 1945, right after the fall of Berlin.

Hohenstaufen The 9th SS Panzer Div. Normandy 1944 Dragon 1/35

Dragon Gen2 series figurines, kits for the German Army's 9th SS Armored Division, also known as the Hohenstaufen Division. Since it's Gen 2, not only is the mold good, but when you wear a camouflage smock, the feeling of the end of the war comes out well.

German Feldgendarmerie Dragon 1/35

Dragon German military police figure. I used Tamiya's class badge decal set for the gorget. I changed the head to resin. Some of the heads didn't paint well, but it was easier to paint than the original parts.

German Infantry Operation Typhoon 1941 Dragon 1/35

These are Dragon's figures of the German soldiers who have been in the first year of the German-Soviet war. For the first year, they might have been underestimating the winter in Russia, but it is famous that they had a hard time because they did not have very full-fledged winter equipment.
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