Nakajima A6M2-N Type 2 Float-Plane Fighter Sweet 1/144

It is a Sweet's type-two fighter water plane. I made three of them together. It belongs to the base of the Solomon Islands, Short Land. Once completed, you can enjoy either decorating it on the cart or placing it on the wave base.

Zero Fighter Akagi Fighter Group (Pearl Harbor) Sweet 1/144

This Sweet kit is a 3-piece set. I build them all together. Comes with ultra-fine pitot tube parts, so a hole is drilled on the main wing with a 0.3 mm drill and bonded. As always, it was hard to mask all canopies.

Messerschmitt Bf109 F-4 Winter Camouflage Luftwaffe Sweet 1/144

This is a winter camouflage version of the Messerschmidt Bf109F-4. Marking is I./JG54 flown by Hauptman Hans Phillipp, Krasnogvardeisk, Russia March 1942. The other is JG54 Eastern Front marking. It seems not to be a specific pilot's special fighter.

Wildcat Ghost Fighter FM-2 Sweet 1/144

Sweet wild cat. It's just a Wild Cat, but after the war, it was restored by enthusiasts and flown in an air show. The marking is FM-2, Confederate Air Force, covered F4F-3, VF-41, CV-4 USS Ranger, Spring 1941. The other is the 50th VJ Day Memorial Flight over Pearl Harbor take off from CVN-70 USS Carl Vinson, September 1995.

Nakajima A6M2-N Type 2 Float-Plane Fighter (Thunderbolt) Sweet 1/144

This is Nakajima A6M2-N Type-2 Float-Plane. The marking is 934th Flying Group Fighter Squadron. Compared to the previous price range of 1/144, it was quite expensive for 2 units, but it may be because there are many parts such as float, dolly, and wave base. Of course, I have nothing to say about the quality.

Zero Fighter A6M5 Model52 Imperial Japanese Navy Sweet 1/144

I made a Sweet Zero. It is a standard Zero fighter kit. I bought it thinking that there were 2 kits as usual, but in fact, it was clearly written on the package that there was only 1 kit. The decal with letters written in a Japanese flag looks unique.

Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Finish & Romanian Air Force Fighter Sweet 1/144

It is Hawker Hurricane, a 1/144 scale fighter plane of Sweet. I chose Romanian and Finnish fighters because I could choose various markings. Camouflage painting is difficult for small ones.

Zero Fighter A6M3 Model32 Imperial Japanese Navy Sweet 1/144

Sweet kits are good. Even at 1/144 scale, it has a very precise feel. If I file it a little, the lines will disappear. This time it's a model 32 of Zero Fighting, but I wanted to make many more.