U.S. Jeep Crew And MP Miniart 1/35

A Miniart Jeep crew and MP figure set. As for painting uniforms for U.S. infantry, even if there are orders to paint various kits in the past, they are quite different, so I'm worried about it. If you feel comfortable with the colors you are familiar with in movies and dramas, it might be good.

Japanese Tank Crew Miniart 1/35

Miniart Imperial Army tank crew set. The head of the kit has various expressions. Except for the figure with a sword in one hand, it looks like a shirt or work clothes. It also includes crew, who wrote on the Japanese flag wishing for the survival of the war and the return of life, and whose body was covered with the battle flag.

British Tank Crew Miniart 1/35

Miniart British tank crew figures. The uniforms of British tanks change a lot depending on where they were active in North Africa or Western Europe. It includes soldiers in unusual uniforms like leather vests.

Italian Tank Crew Miniart 1/35

Miniart Italian tank crew figure set. It is a tank crew wearing various uniforms such as a black leather coat and work clothes. Tanks other than Tamiya rarely have figures, so these kits are useful.

British Armored Car Crew Set Miniart 1/35

It's a Miniart British armored vehicle crew. The scout car figure set, of course, is it matches scout cars? I tried to put it on a Staghound, it seems to go well. Is not all the figures wearing the right clothes as some are North African uniform?

U.S. Tank Crew Set North West Europe Miniart 1/35

This is a Miniart US tank crew set. Everyone wears gloves and jumpers and coats. Probably about from 1944 autumn and 1945 winter.

T-70M Early Type Soviet Light Tank Miniart 1/35

I made a T-70M Soviet army light tank called MiniArt which is a Ukrainian plastic model maker. I painted it white with winter camouflage this time, but it is difficult to create a good atmosphere. The overall fit is not perfect, but the quality will improve in the future.