US Army M3 Lee Medium Tank Early Type Takom 1/35

Takom M3 Lee tank. I remember it became pretty popular after its release, along with the British Grant Tank. The parts are sharp and overall easy to assemble. The markings say 2nd Armored Division in 1942, according to the instructions. Also known as "Hell on Wheels." I like this nationality mark because it's a little retro and cool. This division served in North Africa with the 1st Armored Division.

Skoda Pa-II Turtle Takom 1/35

This is Takom's PA-II Turtle armored car. It is a Czechoslovak military vehicle, and the camouflage paint is quite a unique pattern. This car is completely covered in front and back. The car marking is the 1937 police headquarters of the Czechoslovak military.
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