The Generals of WWII era Master Box 1/35

Many Master Box figures have very good molds. I think this kit has a lot of energy, especially because it collects famous World War II generals. It's a valuable kit.

Various military figures, etc. Part 3 1/35

I painted some resin figures again. Everyone is in a rather natural pose and looks good.

Various military figures, etc. Part 2 1/35

I have quite a few female soldier figures, too. Some of them are fantasy-like, some say she wouldn't actually dress like this. The one I made this time was a female soldier in WWII of the Russian Army, so I heard that there were relatively many female soldiers in the Russian Army, so I think it is a realistic category.

Various military figures, etc. Part 1 1/35

I made a military figure for a change. I've bought quite a few items when the yen was strong.

Totenkopf Division Budapest 1945 Dragon 1/35

This time I will try to make a figure of Totenkopf Division of the German Army at the end of World War II. Totenkopf Division is the 3rd SS Armored Division. What's premium about the premium edition?

German Panzer-Regiment 7, 10th Panzer Division Smolensk 1941 Dragon 1/35

All three tank crews are dressed for all but midwinter or early summer. General Guderian wears a coat. Dragon model figures are a bit large, and I have a lot of trouble matching them with the vehicle.

Modern UK Infantrymen, present day. Master Box 1/35

About eight years ago, I bought a plastic model figure of modern British infantry. A British infantry figure during the Afghan war had been released from Masterbox. And since there was no way to use this except for a military Land Rover, I bought the Hobby Boss Land Rover kit as an afterthought.

German Half-track Riders Dragon 1/35

I will try making this kit of half-track riders because I probably won't make it anymore unless it's at this time. This is also an ancient kit released in 2011. The Dragon seems to have hardly been reproduced recently, so that it may be quite a valuable kit.

Soviet Military Servicewomen 1939-1942 ICM 1/35

Soviet Military Servicewomen were completed. It might be interesting because we can change the arrangement. The mold is not as good as the Box art, but I think it is good. Perhaps ICM is the first company in the world to develop plastic model kits of women's underwear?
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