Grumman F9F-2P Panther Reconnaissance Trumpeter 1/48

I built the F9F Panther. At first, I had the impression that the airplane was shaped like a flying squirrel and it was more ugly than I thought. The panel line and rivet marks were emphasized a little by washing, etc., and I felt it was a surprisingly beautiful streamlined airplane.

F-100D Super Sabre Thunderbirds Trumpeter 1/48

This time, I made a Trumpeter kit with a special decal for the Thunderbirds, a Super Sabre acrobatic team. The markings were for Captain Merrill A. McPeak at the 1967 Air Show. He has made hundreds of sorties in the Vietnam War. He was eventually named Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force.

T-72B Mod. 1990 Russian Main Battle Tank Trumpeter 1/35

This is a Trumpeter T-72B Mod. 1990. There are connected track belts from the beginning, and it is easy to assemble with appropriate etched parts. As I thought, it is a modern tank, so the number of parts is quite large. It's hard to reach the painting.

Savoia-Marchetti S.M.79-II Sparviero Trumpeter 1/48

This is a Trumpeter kit. Savoia-Marchetti torpedo bomber. It's a rare three-engine airplane. This camouflage paint was very hard. If I don't use a wide range of fine blowing, it won't work well. The marking is S.M.79-II Sparviero, 283 Squadriglia, 130 Gruppo Autonoma, A.S. Mediterranean 1942.

Sturer Emil German 12.8cm Selbstfahrlafette L/61 Trumpeter 1/35

I built the Trumpeter Sturler Emile and used hobby Boss's connecting track. The marking is the 3rd Armored Division's Independent 521 Tank Destroyer Battalion 3rd Squadron. It is cool as it stands out that simple white marking on the German gray.

MiG-23MF Flogger-B Czech Air Force Fighter Trumpeter 1/48

It is a Trumpeter MiG-23 Flogger. The contrast between red and black is impressive. I think it is the marking of the 1994 air show. Since it was a flight in an air show, I didn't load any weapon.

MiG-15Bis Fagot-B Trumpeter 1/48

It is MiG-15 of the Trumpeter. It is a fighter plane dispatched by the Chinese army to support North Korea in the Korean War as marked in 1953. It was hard to assemble. Tamiya seems to be easier to complete.

Hawker Seahawk FGA Mk.6 Royal Navy Carrier-Based Fighter Trumpeter 1/48

I made a Trumpeter Hawker Sea Hawk. The markings are from a British Navy 810 squadron aircraft operated by the aircraft carrier Albion in 1956. The first-generation fighter jets may not be called the current category anymore.

BMP-1 Russian Infantry Fighting Vehicle Trumpeter 1/35

The Russian infantry fighting vehicle BMP-1. Trumpeter kit. I wonder if these are rather plain and not very popular. I wrote "Soviet Army" and "Russian Army", but is this nationality mark Czech Army? I'm sorry I'm not too familiar with it. Trumpeter kits always have little to say about marking.

German Howitzer 15cm sFH18 Gun Crew Trumpeter 1/35

It is a Trumpeter German artillery set. Honestly, what about the Trumpeter figures? I don't have an impression that it is a very sharp mold. I think it will be much better if you change the head to a resin one, but the uniform is also very soggy. It was hard to have 6 bodies.

F-100F Super Sabre U.S. Air Force Fighter Trumpeter 1/48

It is a Trumpeter F-100F Super Sabre. 1/48 scale is quite big and worth painting. Marking is the 48th Tactical Fighter Wing at RAF Lakenheath's airbase in 1960. It's a base of the British Air Force, but only the 48th air wing of the U.S. Air Force was stationed.
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