Grumman F9F-2P Panther Reconnaissance Trumpeter 1/48

I built the F9F Panther. At first, I had the impression that the airplane was shaped like a flying squirrel and it was more ugly than I thought. The panel line and rivet marks were emphasized a little by washing, etc., and I felt it was a surprisingly beautiful streamlined airplane.

JGSDF Type 60 APC Armored Personnel Carrier Finemolds 1/35

It is a Finemolds Ground Self-Defense Force 60 type armored car. The marking was the 4th Tank Battalion, Camp Kusu, Ohita pref. 1991. It is easy to make as a whole, and it is also good to wear a partially connected track.

Red Arrows Folland Gnat T.1 Airfix 1/48

The Airfix Folland Nut, the aircraft of the Red Arrows Acrobat Team were built. The 1/48 scale is quite small, so it's compact size. I can't decide which color of red I should use.

U.S. Tank Crew Set European Theater Tamiya 1/35

This is Tamiya's new U.S. tank crew set. With the 3D scanning, the mold is also good. If I'm allowed to wish, there aren't many poses that fit the hatch of the turret. But it is good because there are many unique figures.

M5A1 Stuart U.S. Army 3Rd Armored Div. AFV Club 1/35

It is an AFV Club M5A1 Stuart light tank. I also tried using the connecting track of the AFV Club. The belt type is enough, but I think the details are finer in the connecting track.

Focke-Wulf Ta152 C-1 Hobby Boss 1/48

Hobby Boss Focke-Wolf Ta152C-1. It was named Ta after Kurt Tank, the chief designer. The C-1 model is a type with the main wings cut down, and the horsepower of the engine is strengthened.

British 8th Army Infantry El Alamein 1942 Dragon 1/35

This is a Dragon four infantry figures of the British 8th Army in the Battle of North Africa. Is that an old kit? For that reason, it is good for equipment molding. Everyone wears short sleeves and short pants, and their skin is exposed a lot, so there are many skin-colored paints.

Nakajima A6M2-N Type 2 Float-Plane Fighter Sweet 1/144

It is a Sweet's type-two fighter water plane. I made three of them together. It belongs to the base of the Solomon Islands, Short Land. Once completed, you can enjoy either decorating it on the cart or placing it on the wave base.

British Troops, Caen, 1944 Master Box 1/35

It is a British command unit soldier figure of Master Box. It is a kit from a long time ago. The atmosphere is different from the recent Master Box. British Special Forces have been active in the invasion of Normandy, trying to destroy the gun battery on the cliff.

Valentine Mk.II/IV British Infantry Tank Tamiya 1/35

It is the Valentine British infantry tank of Tamiya. It was a part of a partially connected caterpillar. Two figures are attached and they are uniforms for North Africa. It is a little disappointing that there are not many kinds of decals.
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