Russian Female Figures, Comintern Agent, Soviet Army Woman Officer 1/35

I built 2 Russian female figures. Comintern at the time of the Russian Revolution in Evolution Miniatures, and Soviet military female soldiers in Takahashi Modeling.

STZ-5 Soviet Artillery Tractor Vulcan Scale Models 1/35

I built a tractor that the Soviet army used during World War II. It is a kit of Vulcan scale Models. I'm not so sure about the slogan, but I think it might be "Kill the fascist!"

JGSDF Tank Crew 1965-1990s Finemolds 1/35

I made a set of Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force tank crew with Finemolds. They are wearing uniforms used from 65 to '90s. All 4 of us are wearing Type 65 work clothes and I was wondering what color to paint with. It will match well if you put it on a Type 61 tank.

JGSDF Type 61 Tank Finemolds 1/35

I made a Finemolds Type 61 tank. The special etched parts affect the performance of this vehicle. It is good that the partially connected track is easy to assemble. I'm not sure if the decal was not in the first place or if I lost it, but I had a hard time losing it.

Heinkel He219 A-7 UHU Tamiya 1/48

Tamiya's He219A-7 UHU kit was released more than 20 years ago, but it has a reputation of being fairly good-quality, so even now no other company has released the same scale model. The marking is1st NJG1, 1st Company of the 1st Night Fighter Squadron, May 1945 Germany. It was an airplane in May 1945. It's almost the end of the war.

Munchkin Adult Cat Chai, 2 Years Old January-2021

It's Munchkin Chai. I just became two years old in January 2021. Chai may look a little chubby, but his belly is loose-skinned and has an important role in moving quickly and protecting vital parts. Only the belly is slightly long hair.

Aircraft Carrier Hosho 1944 Imperial Japanese Navy Fujimi 1/700

Fujimi's aircraft carrier Hosho was built. That said, a few years ago I completed the Hosho parts, which was included in the kit for outfitting the Yamato, a disappointing 1/700 lucky bag. I used a special etched part. I can't believe that the etched parts of Fujimi's ship model are so scarce. It's OK if third parties provide us with more and better products.

Dornier Do215B-4 German Reconnaissance Plane ICM 1/48

It is a plastic model maker in Eastern Europe called ICM. Dornier Do215B-4, a German twin-engine reconnaissance aircraft. This ICM kit does not have a Swastika mark decal, so you need to get it or draw it yourself. I got an Extra Decal Swastika with various marks. Two sheets will be enough for a while.

Modern Russian Tank Crew Max Factory Plamax 1/35

It's a tank crew kit from Max Factory, with three girls inside. It's an injection, but it's quite expensive. It takes a long time to paint 4 out of 5 camouflage paints. If I have 5 pieces, it will be a little difficult to make them all at once.

Munchkin Adult Cat Chai, Recent Situation December-2020

He is now very friendly and has become a cat that often rides on my knees. I thought my cat would hate me because I cut his nails every two weeks and sometimes clean his ears.
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