Panther D German Medium Tank Dragon 1/35


It is an early-type Panther tank. It was built in October 2014.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 BOX PACKAGEI make the Dragon Model’s premium kit Panther D. It is a luxurious kit with photo-etched parts and a metal gun barrel. I wonder if it’s still available? It is disappointing point that many high-quality kits are a limited release. I want Dragon Model to resell these masterpiece products regularly.
The Panther is the required subject of the German tank fan, but Panther’s slant armor is unlike a typical German tank, which is a big characteristic of love or hate it. I made the type G before; I like it very much, except that the side of the chassis is seen open too much.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGI painted the road wheels in advance. This process was ineffective for the whole painting process after all was assembled.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGBecause I used the photo-etched parts for various points, it is a sharp impression. Etching parts were, in some places, too thin, and there were many complex processes. The stop tab of the spare caterpillar treads was tough.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGI suppose one of the main appeal points of the Panther is a caterpillar slanting beautiful curve. So I chose the side armor plates with only limited attaching.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGHeat shield plates guarded the side of the rear compartments from muffler heating. I felt the German tank’s craftsman spirit.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGI made small arms, bullet holes, and a little bent for right-side armor.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGThe gun barrel’s clamp chain was one of the most favorite points of this kit; it’s very tiny parts.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGThere are so many parts options and no notice in the instruction manual; I suppose it’s impossible to make an accurate Panther without a technical guidebook. I chose them based on looking without deep concern. This time, almost all etched parts are used, many detailed works and complex, and a feeling of accomplishment.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGPistol ports are available to be outside of the turret. I made two side ports outside, and the rear pistol port was closed.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGI’m not sure about the merit of the metal parts of the smoke discharger. Before the painting, the multi-material finish-up is nice looking. It would be perfect if I chose the metal caterpillar.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGThe engine room cover mesh is a great appeal point. It’s precious to include these photo-etched parts in this kit.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGI attached two tank crews. The right side person is modeled from Michael Wittmann, but I think he did not ride Panther. So thinking he is only one of the tank commanders.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 PAINTINGThis camouflage painting was from the campaign in Krusk in 1943 Summer. The green line is characteristic of mid-summer operation. I think it is an excellent random pattern-blowing airbrush. Still, it’s like the toy taste with no weathering, the tank’s best part is muddy, dusty, rusty, and battle damage.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe Panther had the variation of types A, G, F, and this type D, and type D was the first actual fighting debut vehicle. I have heard that the random alphabetical order for confusing the Soviet Army. This means the development starts in order. But the truth has not been found.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORKI painted heavy-weathering mud and rust this time, especially on the chassis, caterpillar, and road wheels.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe marking is Panzer-Grenadier-Division Großdeutschland at the time of participating in the Battle of Kursk in the summer of 1943. In this instruction manual, the coloring is located in the Karachev area, northwest of Kursk. I suppose this dark yellow and dark green camouflage pattern is best matched for the Kursk summer campaign.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORKMud weathering gradation is challenging to express. Too much done is just a muddy block.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORKI washed the top, turret, and side of the body to make it a little dark. It’s matched with the dark muddy chassis.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe Cupola hatch and left front hatch are movable for fitting figures.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORKDid the weathering of the engine panels become monotonous? Though the military unit mark of the leopard is simple, it’s considerably relaxed.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORKI shined the OVM tools for the accent against muddy color.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORKI drew rust on the side Armor moderately, too. I painted the caterpillar tread using the washing technique with the plural pastel colors, but it’s hard to control the pastel because the color changes entirely after having dried when I first got wet. Maybe the best way is the first process to use enamel paint and finish up with pastels. There will be room for further examination in the future.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORKI did the clear coating, which expressed mud with a pastel. Is it not helped that the place of a hard pastel working remains dusty even I splayed mat clear coating? After I finished up, I didn’t touch the dusty points as possible as I could.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORKBe careful; too much thick coating changed the original pastel color.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORKAs I commented on the making process, many photo-etched parts have sharp mold.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe bottom of the slant armor kept the much mud, and the upper armor weathering was modest. The presence of the caterpillar treads of the panter is more overwhelming than in Mark III and Mark IV tanks.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe climactic point of this model is weathering of road wheels and caterpillars. I suppose some parts have too much effect, but they are balanced.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORK TANK COMMANDERThese crew heads are injection kits, but I could paint well, good-looking guys this time.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORK TANK COMMANDERHe is a tank commander. I always have my glove on my motorcycle and road bike. Please don’t ask about the glove in summer. I suppose the driver might have a glove in the driving compartment.


PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORK TANK COMMANDERTank commander and driver. I painted them nicely this time.


PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORK TANK COMMANDERHe assured, expressive face. The Panther was the best-balanced tank of armor and firepower; he didn’t feel lost.

PANTHER D DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED WORKIt’s impressive the long gun barrel compared with the tank crews. I had a hard time assembling to handle photo-etched parts and weathering. Finally not so a lousy ending generally. I was able to make it happily.