Russian Female Figures, Comintern Agent, Soviet Army Woman Officer 1/35

I built 2 Russian female figures. Comintern at the time of the Russian Revolution in Evolution Miniatures, and Soviet military female soldiers in Takahashi Modeling.

JGSDF Tank Crew 1965-1990s Finemolds 1/35

I made a set of Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force tank crew with Finemolds. They are wearing uniforms used from 65 to '90s. All 4 of us are wearing Type 65 work clothes and I was wondering what color to paint with. It will match well if you put it on a Type 61 tank.

Modern Russian Tank Crew Max Factory Plamax 1/35

It's a tank crew kit from Max Factory, with three girls inside. It's an injection, but it's quite expensive. It takes a long time to paint 4 out of 5 camouflage paints. If I have 5 pieces, it will be a little difficult to make them all at once.

German Winter Panzer Crew Set Alpine 1/35

They are Alpine German tank crew in winter uniforms. The class badge on the sleeves such as anorak or camouflage smock is a little different from the collar or epaulette. Since the fine mold has been reproduced, a detailed class badge has been drawn on the left sleeve.

Girls In Action Bronya Mariel Zilpla 1/35

Bronya and Mariel from Girls in Action. Very small but a little expensive. I'm not used to painting anything other than military uniforms.

WW2 Russian Tank Crew Set Winter Alpine 1/35

I made an Alpine figure Russian tank crew wearing winter clothes. It goes well with the Red Army Sherman I made the other day.

Tank Girls Russian Female Tank Crew Armor35 1/35

It is a resin figure of a Russian female tank crew. When I see the description of a fantasy model, it doesn't really exist, but it's like a fantasy of a man. It is even more difficult to paint the face because it is smaller than men.

Hohenstaufen The 9th SS Panzer Div. Normandy 1944 Dragon 1/35

Dragon Gen2 series figurines, kits for the German Army's 9th SS Armored Division, also known as the Hohenstaufen Division. Since it's Gen 2, not only is the mold good, but when you wear a camouflage smock, the feeling of the end of the war comes out well.

U.S. Jeep Crew And MP Miniart 1/35

A Miniart Jeep crew and MP figure set. As for painting uniforms for U.S. infantry, even if there are orders to paint various kits in the past, they are quite different, so I'm worried about it. If you feel comfortable with the colors you are familiar with in movies and dramas, it might be good.