Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat U.S. Navy Carrier-Based Fighter Tamiya 1/48


GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 BOX PACKAGEIt is a pretty old Tamiya kit, Wildcat. The detail of the surface is thoroughly molded and I prefer this kind of kit. This kit has many small rivets, good surface.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 MAKING GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 MAKINGThere are rarely any pilots in the Tamiya kit. There is neither a decal of the panel nor a seat belt one. By the way, there were not any decals of the cockpit panel in all 4 models which I made recently. Perhaps this is normal? I have recently used a favorite seat belt part by third parties, but I would appreciate it with the kit. The meter panel of the cockpit is hand-drawn. It became real when I added small touches of red points with a brush.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 MAKINGAs you can see, the part of the landing gear hangar can be seen well when looking from below. I think you’ll regret it later if you don’t paint the inside of the fuselage properly.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 MAKINGThe canopy seems to be having a gap even if I attach it to a closed position, maybe it’s because of the slide type. There is a risk that the mist enters inside, so this time I will install the canopy at the end. The fit with the aircraft body seems to be no problem at all.

Fujimi’s lucky bag, the devil’s invitation came. It is one month earlier than usual. It was always sold out when I was trying to purchase it several times in the past. I am not interested in it and the Egg Ship series Chibi – Maru, but it was included in past lucky bags. I have a kit of Fujimi two battleships, one aircraft carrier, only one heavy cruiser, there are not many completed Fujimi battleship kits I made in the past, I thought it’s little possibility of duplication. Anyway, I ordered one set of JPY10,000 1/700 series. Probably there are about 8 ships in there… I want to reduce the stock but I bought it.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 MAKINGThere are many parts where mist easily enters. The cockpit was masked exactly without any gaps. The landing gear part rounds out a small tissue and packs it, and the edge part sticks the slicing of the masking tape. It is rather rough.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGI made a shade of black and white undercoat. This kit has many rivets and molds. It is not a boring surface, even if painted normally, shade may not be necessary.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGI splayed overcoat with clear before pasting the decal.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGIn Tamiya’s painting illustration it is an instructing color mixing, I just have a Creos WWII U.S. Navy Aircraft Standard Color set so I will use this set #367 blue-gray. It is handy as it does not have to make much paint as it does when mixing yourself. It is impossible to make the same color twice.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGI chose the national mark of the US in the early stage of World War II. I pasted the red circle in the middle after the star decal was almost dry.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKThis Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat was the only fighter that could couple with the Zero of the Imperial Japanese Navy at the time of the opening of the US-Japan war with the Pearl Harbor attack on December 1941 in the Great East Asian War. By the way, in the Pearl Harbor attack, the Japanese Navy did not attack the private facilities and the hospital ship. There should have never been anything attacked intentionally. The Wildcat is the world’s most advanced fighter of those days. It is a folding type, main wing to facilitate handling on the aircraft carrier, and six 12.7mm machine-gun are equipped.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKZero fighters were superior in turnability and cruising distance. Wildcat was superior in terms of the rapidly descending performance and bulletproof performance, equipped with a radio. Other performances are almost the same. Wildcat fought with Zero at the same level to use two fighter team fighting called Thach Weave tactics and Hit-and-run tactics.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKThe marking of the aircraft is the 41st Fighter Squadron, USS Ranger, CV-4. U.S. national insignia before May 12, 1942, had a red circle in the center, and from January 5, 1942, to May 12, 1942, there was a red stripe in the rudder of the tail wings. Very cool with the colorful marking.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKClear is sprayed on the decal for the finish. There were some fairly large decals this time, and it was good that I could paste them cleanly without wrinkles or breaking.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORK GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKThe canopy shined when polished. I built it in the closed state, but also visible inside clearly.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKThis time it is satisfactory because it was able to paint the optical sight in the center of the cockpit cleanly and it did not become dirty even after being attached.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKWhen inking in the panel lines, there are many raised rivets on the surface, it is difficult to wipe unnecessary paint. But I like it because the contrast between light and dark is clearer rather than not doing it.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKThere is a part that seemed to be a bad appearance when there was a little gap when fitting the whole landing gear to the aircraft’s body, I fixed it with putty and bridged the gap. The bottom of the aircraft is also well-molded. I am thankful that the number of parts is small.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKI like such kits with small but dense ones. Although it is small, it is on a 1/48 scale so it is about 25 cm at both wingtips. By the way, in the airplane model, I have hardly made 1/72. I have only three 1/72 not assembled kits, Tomcat, and 2 biplanes. If I extend the range of the scale, maybe I’m wary of the stock limit will be gone. On that point, AFV is simple for me because of no considering other scales as much as 1/35 fundamentalist. In AFV Modeler 1/35 lovers will be a majority. I think there is also a modeler to make 1/48 1/72 1/144.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORK GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKThere is no flashy missile weapon as it is an early WWII fighter plane. A 58-gallon tank is attached to the left and right. The cruising distance exceeds 2,000 km, I think it was able to fight steadily at sea, although it was not as close to Zero.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKI took a photo with the propeller rotating with a little fun. It’s like preparing for takeoff.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKThe antenna wire is a nylon thread of fishing line, standard diameter 0.053mm. It is painted black after being fixed with instantaneous adhesive. When I build battleship models, I use metal thread and nylon thread according to mood.

GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKI built Tamiya’s plane a long time. It’s a pretty old kit, I did not expect Wildcat to be so easy to assemble. I think it’s a good kit.

By the way, how many kits are sent to us about the Fukimi’s lucky bag special 10000 yen (around US$80) which I ordered last week? I build hard the large box kits and leave a place but will not catch up as usual.


  1. スコットウォレス says:




  2. Andrew Kassian says:

    Hi there, I am waiting for this kit in the mail. Starting my first 1/48 kit. I saw a video of a build and got a bit worried about the rivet size being a bit large. Seeing your F4 makes me look forward to getting started on mine. You did great work on yours. Just found your website and enjoying it. Great stuff!


      Good evening. I hope my blog will help your buildingF4F-4! I think this Eduardo kit has a fine reproduction even if it is made from only this kit parts in the box, and it looks good. (It’s a little difficult.)

  3. Andrew Kassian says:

    Kit just arrived today along with 1/48 a6m3. I have built 30, 1/72 aircraft and feel ready for the next challenge of 1/48.


      Oh, you got F4F-4 and Zero. It’s a good combination because it’s a rival fighter. I make 1/48 main and sometimes make 1/144 for a change. In the future, I am thinking of making a large aircraft model with 1/72.

      • Andrew Kassian says:

        Yes. Opposing aircraft. Maybe get decals for the Midway battle. Decals are so expensive but for the time I invest in the models I should go ahead and buy them. I have built 2 large 1/72 aircraft. The Ju52 large wingspan with corrogated steel, looks nice (Crete invasion) and FW200 Condor.

        • MINIATURE-ARCADIA says:

          Ju-52? There are several releases from Italeri and Airfix, I suppose. Even though it’s 1/72, the width is about 40cm large size. As with the FW 200 Condor, if I include 1/72 scale modeling, I can build a large size aircraft and I’ll think about it. See you later!

          • Andrew Kassian says:

            I built the italeri ju52 and the revell Fw200 no photo etch but still nice detaul. Working on academy 1/72 a6m5 to practice more with photo etch before the 1/48 planes.

          • MINIATURE-ARCADIA says:

            I see. Please enjoy modeling!

  4. Martin says:

    Very nice! I have to say I like your style, which looks clean but also very interesting. The blue looks a bit too light for me, but the overall impression is very consistent and everything looks good together.

    I have just started the kit myself, restarting scale modelling after a pause of approx. 6 years. So far I still haven’t primed or painted anything, just a bit of assembly and cleaning and swearing about some PE-Parts (I am using an older eduard set for the cockpit). Looking forward to it, so far this seems to be a very well engineered kit.


      Thank you for your comment! Certainly, the color of the airplane might be a little light. And I suppose the panel line is outstanding in this color. Most of Tamiya kits fit well with the parts, so it’s the best to make for the first time in a while. I have only used the cockpit PE parts a few times. I would like to use various third party detail up parts in the future.

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